Here's what Unlock the VAN signers are saying

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Petition signers have lots of on-point feedback for the DNC and we want to lift up some of their individual voices (with their consent, of course). Here are just a few, with more to come.

“I was the Democratic Congressional nominee in NC-10 last year. I’m also an experienced business owner, and I know that competition is good for consumers and for campaigns. We’re currently lagging behind the GOP in this regard. I respectfully ask that you open up the system and give candidates like me a fighting chance.” ~ Andy Millard (North Carolina)

“I won as a campaign manager to elect a city councilwoman into office for the Democratic party! We worked hard & won! Would’ve been much better if we had access to the VAN” ~ Jaime Johnsen (Pennsylvania)

“I am a local district captain in my county party. We should have access to data on a platform of our choosing. Every county, every campaign should have the ability to function as an independent org for their local values.” ~ Neil Kornutick (Tennessee)


Stay tuned for more roundups of voices from the front in the coming days. Join them, and let the DNC know why you think it's time to unlock the VAN.


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