3 reasons to support #UnlockTheVAN

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What do a Democratic strategist in California, a Democratic voter in New York, and another in DC have in common? They all say it's time for the DNC to unlock the VAN.

Danielle Cendejas (California)

I’m a Democratic strategist who encourages candidates to use every other technology source except for NGP VAN. There is better technology out there with people who are dedicated to improving their product for users. We need to embrace tactics and technologies that work, regardless of party affiliation. We also need to be mindful of down-ballot candidates’ budgets. It’s time to be open to new possibilities and ways of winning elections.”

Zak Rogoff (Washington, DC)

“One of the reasons I vote Democratic is because this party is willing to use government to regulate industry for the benefit of everyone. If you believe in a healthy marketplace for America, then surely an undeserved monopoly fed by your own party can’t sit well.”

Katherine Slawinski (New York)

All candidates deserve access to all the tools the other candidates have access to—especially now, when progressive candidates are challenging incumbents.

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